Meet Ernest

Your AI sales assistant

Ernest helps sales people automatically find opportunities based on your past clients and industry. It’s like having a personal assistant that constantly finds untapped markets. 

1 Add to Gmail 
to scan work emails

2 Ernest finds
prospective clients

3 Ernest precomposes emails and saves them in your drafts

Early Access

The Ernest Beta Version will be launching soon to a limited amount of early subscribers. Invite your colleagues to be amongst the first in our phased release of the world’s premier AI sales assistant.

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Wanna see Ernest in action?

Take a look at the demo below

How does it work?

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If you work in and around sales, your "Sent" folder is a great source of data regarding what companies you reach out to and what you tell them.

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The magic begins when you install the Ernest Gmail add-on.

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Ernest uses Soleadify's data engine to find similar companies to ones you've written to before, as well as matching people from those companies.

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After Ernest does that part of the process, it will read your past emails and identify the critical points in your messages like your product's value proposition, tone of voice, and CTAs you use.

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Finally, Ernest will write new emails tailored to the profile of the contacts it finds and save them in your drafts to review every morning.

Core benefits

Time Saver

You don’t have to lose several hours every day on prospecting and composing your emails.
Let Ernest do it for you.

Revenue Booster

Find your best possible leads by getting access to similar contacts based on your previous interactions.

Easy to Use

Get access to all the Ernest features directly in your Gmail interface without any other hassle.

Who’s behind Ernest?

Ernest takes advantage of the cutting-edge data engine built by Soleadify.

What is soleadify -> is an advanced search engine for companies. Their data engine allows you to tap into a live database of businesses and contact details from around the world sorted by any criteria you can think of, from number of employees to number of physical locations, site loading time all the way to links on their websites.

Have an idea that uses Soleadify’s data engine? We can help you launch it. -> Contact us

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